Thirty years of browbeating from rancher Bud Smalls has sequestered his wife, Leah, into emotional isolation.  With Bud’s passing, his brothers want to force Leah out and take the ranch for themselves.

Their attempt to humiliate her instead becomes her opportunity to open her heart.

The Widow Smalls is just one of the stories in this collection by the WILLA Award winning author of Unbroken, Jamie Lisa Forbes, who writes about the hardships of making a living from the land with an understanding that comes from first-hand experience.

Her deftly drawn characters include star-crossed lovers, a young rancher facing his first test of moral courage, an inscrutable ranch hand claiming an impressive relative, a father making one last grasp for his daughter’s love and a child’s struggle to make sense of the world around her.   Each will pull you into the middle of their stories and keep you turning the pages.